Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Where to next?

I am house sitting - at least for the next year as I complete my Master of Arts, and complete some writing tasks.  One work that I am almost completed is an e-book with information about teaching/living in China.

I set out to try and describe what life was like living and working in China, but I am already at around 10,000 words and there is not a lot of advice for would-be teachers, but it could be a good read.  It does attempt to describe the challenges of living and working in China, without scaring anyone off.  I would not set out to 'scare' anyone  but there are some things worth knowing before you go to China.

It is not a "free" country as we in the west would know it - the communist party members are everywhere, and sometimes there is a dislike of foreigners (laowai) so one needs to be careful about obeying the country's rules, and certainly any criminal or civil disobedience is not acceptable.  Still, I  keep writing.  When will it end?