Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Busy time

The last few days have been hectic.  On Sunday August 1st, my parents, sister and I, and my niece had lunch at the Warradale Hotel - a place that is a popular meal place for my parents.  We had a lovely time, and took Mum and Dad home later in the day.  

I was due to fly back to Brisbane that night, and was all packed and ready to go, and just about to have some soup that my sister made, before I left.  Then we received a phone call. Dad was not well.  We left her house in a rush, so much so that she backed into a car across the road doing a lot of damage to her own car and destroying the drivers door on the other car!!

We called an ambulance and Dad was taken to Flinders Medical Centre, and later I went and spent a couple of hours with him.  Mum cannot be left alone so when I returned late that night, I stayed with Mum.  I'd cancelled my plane trip of course.

Mum was unsettled and didn't sleep much, and I didn't either.  Especially as I was still in the clothes that I had had on all day!!!  On the Monday I did get my luggage delivered and could change my clothes, and  at the same time try and organise care for my mother.  

Of course I had another concern - the girls arriving from China on Tuesday morning and knowing that I needed to be there.  But I had to resolve the care of my mother.  Then the hospital decided to discharge my father!!


In the end I arranged a carer to look after Mum for a while, then I went to the hospital to get my father, and determining that Dad was OK to look after Mum for a couple of days with other help, I managed to fly back to Brisbane from Adelaide, arriving around 11 pm.  By the time I got home, unpacked etc, I got to bed well after midnight and then had to be up at 6 am to go to the International airport to collect the Chinese students.

Then I had to look after them all day before delivering them their host families late in the afternoon.  

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