Saturday, 21 May 2011

Teaching teachers and seeking students - and The Edge

I've spent the last few weekends at classes for International TESOL College - more as an observer than anything else, though did do some of the work.  I MAY have to take such classes at some stage, so was interested to see how the classes were run.  I don't know that many of the students of the course were planning to go overseas, but they certainly will be well prepared for tutoring in Australia, which is what a couple of them wish to do.

I also explored some websites and put my name 'out there' as an ESL tutor, registering on a website, and having found a potential student on another website sent an email, but nothing has resulted yet.

Today I went into the city - actually to the State Library at the cultural precinct on the south side of the river.  I had booked in for a session on "Monogamy" - true, and it was very funny.  However, I wandered around the Library and visited the Flood exhibition, where people put up ideas that might help to prevent so much damage in a future one, and generally explored.  I haven't been to the State Library for a long time.

I found "The Edge" - it is essentially between the Queensland Art Gallery and the State Library, but it is a space where young people (I laughed at that, as one of their regulars is 82 years young) explore all things digital.  There was an exhibition of items used to broadcast music - and I had to laugh as I can remember things that we used BEFORE any of the 'old' things on display.  I had quite a chat with a young fellow there.  I was rather in awe of things in the area, especially the  opportunity for prospective film makers, musicians and photographers to use.  I have a pile of literature to wade through.

I was going to go to another event, or go to the Greek Festival, but on leaving I was struck by an awful pain in my foot.  I sat in the garden and took my sock off to see a damaged toenail, so I chickened out of more walking and decided to walk across the bridge to the city, go to the library (Why did I get so many heavy books!), went into the Mall and Target and bumped into a friend from some time ago, and we chatted. 

I headed back through the Mall (Oh, I missed the heavy rain too), to the bus stop and returned to the house at Paddington. 

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