Thursday, 10 September 2009

On again, off again, on again

We are still not sure if the Korean contract is going ahead, so we are in a "holding pattern" at the moment, waiting to see what happens.

I am finding it hard to move forward - I'm not sure what direction to go. So life goes on. I've had a BCC (basal cell carcinoma - skin cancer) removed from beside my eye this week - my right eye, and I think it is odd that the problem ear with the grommet and the skin cancer were so close to one another. There's probably some weird message in having two things so close together, but hopefully all my medical problems are over after this. I have the stitches removed tomorrow.

I went into the city today - it is the Brisbane Writer's Festival held at the Queensland State Library. I attended only one session in the end, though walked around to take in the "culture" of the area. But it was pretty busy. The session I attended was on biographies - with Estelle Pinney and Sally Morrison as guest writers. Estelle has written a number of books, not really biographies, but she's had such an amazing life, that there are elements of her own experiences in her books.

Sally Morrison's book "After Fire" is a biography of Clifton Pugh, one of Australia's famed artists who also had an incredible life. The session was great.

I had lunch in a cafe in the Queensland Art Gallery - Smoked Salmon and dill bruschetta and a glass of chardonay.


Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

I'm still recovering from mine on my face near my ear. He had to go back for another look and went deeper than he had to - but at least its all clear. Getting a bit close to the eye, Elly?

What do you think about Blogevolve at present? Jane has already told us she gets busy with study. I hope I haven't scared off some of our more rightwing friends with my health post? Some others are weekly type bloggers. Jeanne said she is busy writing on AC; but I cant find any recent posts from Jellen anyway.Triple F comes and goes.

saoghalbeag said...

Estelle Pinney is great - she came out to Boonah last year to be guest speaker at our writing awards. I've just stumbled across your blog as I'm an Aussie heading to China in a couple of weeks to work as a teacher/librarian for a year. Interesting to read your experiences - will have to get my blog organised although wondering whether it will work in China? I've heard the government can block blogger and other social media?

Di Hill said...

Hello, Thanks for your comment. Yes, it is a challenge writing your blog - what I found was it was easy to use Blogger to post your entry but you could not go back and read it easily. You could see it in edit view, but not the view that we like to see e.g. the finished product. You can access by proxy - but I didn't bother in the end. Enjoy your trip. Let me know where your blog is. I'd like to follow your journey.

Di Hill said...

I might add some caution saohalbeag - be careful what you write when in China. Be very careful.