Tuesday, 1 September 2009

To Korea or not?

I think it is always a challenge doing international business - and we have had some challenges putting together a program to take us back to South Korea to teach TESOL.

The language barrier is one thing, and the culture is another - so all up it is difficult to make headway at times. But it looks like it is full steam ahead to go back there - BUT, (and isn't there always a "but") there are still some things to be finalised before we pack our bags.

I know we will only be going for 8 weeks, but it will be autumn and heading for winter, so clothing is an issue. As usual, I will be taking my usual supply of jeans, and will be wearing them often, but I wanted to have a few more things, and warm ones this time.

It certainly is the wrong time of the year to be looking for things for winter in Australia, as all the summer fashions are in the shops, but I have managed to add a few pieces to my "wardrobe."

I'll be OK - remembering that she should be back in Australia before it gets too cold, before the snow falls etc. But, as climate seems to be changing everywhere, we will go a little prepared.

Having travelled to the East on three occasions in the last two years, I'm pretty adept at taking the right things. I've been looking for a back pack too. I have a small one, but it is a little too small, and I want one that I can wheel when I need to, or put on my back if that is better at the time.

That way, I will just have my big suitcase, and my cabin luggage will be one piece, which will have my laptop and camera within it. Then I can be hands free if I wish. Sometimes I found that carrying my laptop, and my small back pack was too much. So hopefully I will be able to get away with the new bigger back pack.

And I can use that for the occasional days off if I travel to places beyond Busan or Seoul.

Anyway, I'm preparing.


Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

Korea is a freezing place in winter, lot worse than a bad NZ winter I believe. So make sure you have all the warm gear you need and also your sleeping quarters are ok. I dont want to read a news report that a frozen Aussie woman was found one morning!



Di Hill said...

Luckily I am going before winter sets in, but as I hate the cold, I will be well prepared.

And my digs should be as warm as toast! (or I am coming home!!!!)