Monday, 3 January 2011

China? Not in 2011.

I had been procrastinating about going to China.  How I wish I could - but I had too many issues home in Australia to deal with, so here I will remain for 2011. Still though I can keep in touch with everyone, and with any luck can have one or two students stay with me later in the year.

My study will keep me going - and I may try to get some of my m/s finished/published this year.  As well I have a long to do list.  I don't make resolutions - but I have a lit of things I wish to accomplish during the year.  One of course is to do well at all subjects for Swinburne (Masters)  Perhaps by end of February 2012 I will be finished.

It looks like I could have some long term house sitting adventures, so I will wait and see - and save my dollars. 

Meanwhile I am reading a fantastic book about China.  Peter Hessler is a journalist in China, and has written several books.  The one I am reading now is "Country Driving" and he tells the tales of his driving around China.  It means a lot more to me having been there, and having some understanding of the complex Chinese culture, and while it is a big book, I am slowly wading through it - as well as coping with my studies.


Amy Jo said...

Have you read his books "Oracle Bones" and "Rivertown"? They are both really interesting, especially for a person who has lived in China as an expat. I laughed out loud at several points. :)

Di Hill said...

No, I haven't read them - but they are on my list for 2011!!!