Friday, 28 January 2011

Moving out

I am moving out the of the house sit today.  Just for a few weeks as the owner is coming home.  I meet her at the airport in the morning. 

I took knickers to Ipswich yesterday. I am pleased with my little effort to help those disadvantaged with the floods.  It has been quite a moving experience.  I had been to Ipswich just days before the big flood.  In fact the Bremer River was already in flood - but I saw for myself some of the damage it did later on when the river broke it's banks and poured the dirty sludge through the city.   Coles supermarket is being completed cleaned out - and will need a complete refit.  One can see other buildings around - shops, offices, etc closed - some are being rebuilt and others sport a notice - 'due to floods we have relocated to......"

I went to Ipswich early, then went to Wynnum. Met with a guy doing work on the history of the professional fishermen in the Wynnum area, and then eventually headed back to Paddington.

I had seen views of the Brisbane River and the city from the top of the cliffs of the Brisbane River at Kangaroo Point.  It was the site of what was Southbank TAFE - one of the very early TAFE colleges in Brisbane.  Recently it had been demolished and parklands developed there.  A nice looking cafe sits on the top of the cliffs giving diners a fantastic view up and down the river.  One day I will go there.

From the cliffs to the city.
I had time though to stop and take a few photos from the top of the cliffs.

Looking upriver from Kangaroo Point


Kimberly Hiller said...

It is so sad that so much was destroyed in the flooding. I found your blog on I am currently an ESL teacher in Korea, but I will be going to receive my Master's in Australia. I will be definitely following your blog. I saw some of your posts related to working in China, I hope to get there someday. =)

Di Hill said...

Hello Kimberly - I have also been an ESL teacher/trainer in South Korea. Jeonju actually.

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

A real mess up your way, DI.

And a teacher in China too.

What are your future plans in teaching Di?