Friday, 25 November 2011

Where will I teach next?

I have been preoccupied with my studies and house sitting for the last 18 months, since my return from China.  I had planned to go back to China, but was told they don't want anyone over 60 any more though I have heard from a student that the plan to employ younger people as teachers is not working well.  Still, I have some time to go on my studies, so no real plans.  

I have just learned how to add maps to my posts, and went to look for Zheijang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages at Shaoxing, but the map showed me to a place that clearly was not the campus I recalled, and it was only just over 12 months since I was there.  I know Chinese builders are quick - but I knew it wasn't right.  After some further study I learned that the university is placed wrong on the map - it is across the road from where it is shown on the map.  Make sense?  .

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Actually the A, D, C, spots are in the huge parklands across the road, and the E is the primary school, and may well be closer to the spot.   Will I go back there?  Maybe not to teach, but I'd love to visit again.  One day.

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