Friday, 9 December 2011

What will it mean?

I often smile as I hear predictions about the power and might of China.  I wonder.  I wonder for a number of reasons.   The country is terribly polluted - and the factories keep pouring smoke, and GOK what into the atmosphere.  Many water courses are polluted - you only have to look at them.  There is a massage problem with rubbish - terrible because the Chinese wholesalers and retailers love packaging, and it is often cast aside in the streets, in the waterways, under street gardens, everywhere.

The video below shows how the Chinese have been building massive cities and accommodation complexes with major shopping centres, which remain empty.  No one lives in the residentials - terribly expensive.  The shopping complexes are awesome, and empty.

Is this a smart country?  I wonder when they are going to 'hit a wall'.  I wonder what the future is with China.

Check out these videos.

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