Sunday, 1 June 2008

Children's Day

Isn't it Children's Day every day? Oh, I jest! Saturday was Children's Day and there were many celebrations. As most families in China only have one child, so I tend to think they are somewhat indulged all the time. If mother and father work, the children are likely to be cared for by their grandparents, and it is no surprise to see so many elderly people carrying their children around.

Children are well loved here - because they are for the most part the only child in the family as there is a strict one child policy here, especially in the city areas.

On this day children would have received gifts and probably attended a party. In Beijing there were several ceremonies, one of which had in attendance children from the earthquake area in Sichuan. There were special efforts to ensure the children of Sichuan had a happy day too.

(Sadly I saw little celebration as I was confined to my apartment with a "tummy wog" that seems to have done the rounds of the teaching staff.)

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