Friday, 27 June 2008


had been to Shanghai before. Once on the trip to Shaoxing, having arrived at Shanghai, we were whisked without visiting the city to Shaoxing. On another occasion I spent two nights and two days here, with two other teachers from the college. That visit has been documented earlier. I knew that they was so much more to see, and was glad to have nearly a week here.

On our first day we did a one day tour of Shanghai, which took us around the city to see some of the places of interest. Old China town, which we can see from our apartment is near the River Huangpu River, which winds its way through old Shanghai and new Shanghai (or Pudong). There is just so much to see. Old buildings, new buildings - gardens, shops, more shops and so on.

The gardens and temple in Yu Yuan are a sight to see! The pavilion was built in 1784, and houses one of the most popular tea houses here in Shanghai. So many touts, shops, people and things to see.

The Temple with its jade Buddha is well worth a visit, and there is so much of interest there. I have many more photos.

We visited The Shanghai Museum - which is so impressive. One could spend many more hours there exploring the great history of China and Shanghai. Not like any other museum I have visited Modern, clean, with stunning exhibits.

The new area Xintiandi - with its old style "shikoumen" buildings (that is buildings with stone arched doorways and black painted gates) was most impressive. We had time just to have a quick look and make plans to return to see it all. Xintiandi is in part of the old French concession.

We had a quick look at the Bund - getting a view of the river and the stunning buildings on the other side of the river.

We visited Pearl city and purchased some pearls, and the People's Square. So much to see.

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