Sunday, 22 June 2008

Last Day

My adventure in China is coming to an end. Today I leave for Shanghai - where my husband now is. He arrived in China yesterday, and shortly I'll stagger to the West Gate of the college, with my suitcase, two computers, a gift from a student, and me! (OK, it is hot as ..... and I will have my new leather coat, which I might just have to wear as I have no free hands. So it is farewell to Shaoxing.

I will get the bus to Shanghai from Shaoxing, in an hour or so. I don't have a ticket, but that's OK.

It is with sadness that I leave. Maybe I will be back. I have been asked to return in September, so have some negotiation to do with MM and the rest of the family.


I still have many stories and photos to post, and will keep the blog going until it exhausts me. Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

Take care and hope to see you again in China.

Jeanne Gibson said...

I feel sad, too, that you are leaving, and hope you will get a chance to return. The few weeks you were there were barely enough to get unpacked and here is is time for you to go home again. I'm sure though that your family is really excited about your homecoming. Have a safe trip home.
Jeanne Gibson

Bev Sharp said...

What a wonderful adventure. I have followed your blog for its entirety, and look forward to catching up with you soon maybe. Bev Sharp