Monday, 21 July 2008

Advertising by boat

In Shanghai the Huangpu River divides old Shanghai and new Shanghai (Pudong), and on both sides of the river there are wonderful places tourists to visit and see the river and it's activities.

The river is very busy as large boats come and go along the stretch of the river to and from the China Sea, and smaller boats go back and forth all day transporting all sorts of goods. Tourists boats too go back and forward too to show the old and new of Shanghai, and we went on one of these late one afternoon. It is spectacular seeing the buildings on both sides of the river - fascinating to see the old buildings along the Bund. At night the lighting is spectacular.

One thing that is fascinating was the number of boats that seem to do nothing but advertise various products and services. As there are usually thousands of people along the banks of the river, especially at weekends, holidays and at night. So it is a good way to get business messages to the masses. There were several boats that at night were brightly lit with active neon signs. Something that I'd not seen before except in Shanghai.

The lights seem to get through the fog/smog too!

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