Monday, 21 July 2008

More interesting fruit

It's funny but it is just one of those things. We don't know much about fruits that are grown and eaten in other countries. It was a surprise to me to see how many different fruits were in the streets, markets and supermarkets in China.

I'd seen these fruits before - but no one could tell me what they were. Eventually I learned that they were mangosteen. In Shanghai there were several people like this with huge heavy baskets of these fruit. We bought some - which caused quite a bit of amusement, I think because we paid far too much money for our small supply.
The fruit are very tasty - similar to lychees. The dark skin is thick and hard and inside there are wonderful white segments of fruit.
I found them difficult to get into the fruit - in part because we did not have a good knife to use. Perhaps at some time later I can try again. Perhaps I can learn a little bit more about how to use this fruit.

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Anonymous said...

You dont need a Knife to eat the Mangosteen.
You just break it open by HAND as the Locals do.
Mangosteen Lover