Thursday, 31 July 2008

My apologies for my neglect!

I've been back in Australia for three weeks and a few days by now. And I've been busy. My new computer is being repaired and it has most of my photos. I do have them backed up, but I prefer to use that computer. This one gives me challenges too sometimes.

When I arrived back in Brisbane I learned that my mother had had a fall and had been in hospital so I quickly flew to Adelaide to see what I could do for them. Not easy. My folks are pretty stubborn and independent! My father had his 89th birthday while I was there, and later this year my mother will be 93. Ripe old age. I think I've been successful in convincing them to have some home support - but despite the fact that they "want help" they found it difficult to accept strangers coming into their home.

Back in Brisbane I found many things to do. Housework among the things that I had to do, and I've been housesitting too.

Now I find time is quickly running out again. I've got my air fare to China organised, I'm guest speaker at a function next week, and I've found other things to do - and I must finish a manuscript!

As well MM is going into hospital next week for two knee replacements. How busy will I be????

Anyway, I will update this blog more now, and find some of the photos and stories from the week in Shanghai and the week in Singapore!

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