Sunday, 27 December 2009

Christmas is almost over

At least all the high end chaos and we all survived. Lunch was well prepared by MM and we had a great day. We are glad to have chosen an indoor event as it just poured with rain for most of the morning and certainly would have put a dampener on any outdoor celebration.

Actually we watched with amusement as our Kiwi neighbours who certainly know how to celebrate did so but tried to put up a tent-like structure in the heavy rain. They did eventually get it up and standing after a few comedic situations, but in the end I don't think they used it very much. Their party went on for a few days and always there were about 4 strange cars there. Good luck to them.

We had all our Queensland families - our daughter and her husband and their 2 girls, and our son and his wife and their 2 children. We had the usual exchange of gifts and I think all were happy with their gifts. We sat down at a big table in the loungeroom for roast turkey, ham, and vegetables, after we had all pulled our bon bons.

After the lunch, the Gold coast family headed back to another party, and the rest of us bundled into a car and went to the house I am looking after at the moment - to enjoy their swimming pool. And we certainly did enjoy the cool water!!!

Boxing Day was very quiet - I managed to watch a lot of the Boxing Day cricket match Australia vs Pakistan at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on television, between reading and dozing. A good relaxing day.

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