Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Baldy and her friends

Baldy, my friendly butcher bird is very friendly and she is first to the door each morning for mince meat.  She's very greedy, but as I've said I think she has a nest of babies.  I hope she brings them to visit soon!

A few days ago, another butcher bird, was squawking in a low bush.  It was sitting on the bush with wings slighty open and fluttering as the squawking continued.  I looked on with interest, wondering if it was not a smaller bird yelling for its mother.  Then, I saw a lizard - a slim long lizard about 12 inches long ran from under the bushes.  The butcher bird was swift and caught the lizard in its beak and quickly flew with its tasty morsel (I presume) to a distant tree.


Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

I've heard of a dog's life, but this has to be a bird's life?


Di Hill said...

I did not see Alfred Hitchcocks movie "Birds" but some days I am reminded of it as so many butcher birds and others come for a feed. They get very pushy and even take food from my hands before I have set it out for them. They are going to go hungry for a few days - how can I teach them some manners?