Friday, 23 May 2008

Ball room dancing

Ballroom dancers in Shanghai Nanjing St (note the band members complete with hats on the left of the photo.

Dancer with his "virtual" partner in Shanghai.

It may surprise folk in "the Western world" how popular ball room dancing is here in China. Apparently there are groups that dance in parks - especially of an evening. When we did our night time tour of Shaoxing canals, we saw two groups under two of the big bridges here - with 50 - 60 dances all in full swing to the dance music.

I have been told it is quite common in parks all around China.

The only other time I have seen it was in Shanghai - and there right in the heart of Shanghai, in the famous Nanjing Road, there were ball room dancers in the street. The band was on a "balcony" playing their hearts out, while the dancers did there stuff on the footpath.

One lone dancer with his virtual partner amused us. He was so enjoying himself and posed for his photo to be taken.

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