Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Mary Poppins

.A sea of umbrellas at the college.

One of the strongest memories I have of the movie "Mary Poppins" is of her riding her bicycle while carrying an umbrella - something I have never tried to master.

Here in China though, I am reminded almost every day. The Chinese young people love their umbrellas which come in all shapes and colours. Some of course are to keep the rain off, but when it is not raining it is to keep the sun from damaging their perfect complexions.

And as bicycles are popular transport here, it is common to see a rider cycle past holding aloft an umbrella, just as Mary Poppins did.

We also find it amusing that the young men also carry an umbrella - and they don't mind if it is a fancy frilly one either - something the young men of Australia would not do. Maybe a black one, but not the style that all use here.

As well, something else young men do hear - and older men too I've noticed - is carry the handbag for their lady. And some of the handbags are quite wild!!!


Thomas P said...

Hey --
I know this sounds a trifle outlandish, but I came upon this blog while looking around for the Chinese phonetic translation of "Mary Poppins". I found 玛丽麻雀 but I don't know if that's what "Mary Poppins" is known as in the PRC. Do you know?

Di Hill said...

I don't know, but will ask a student in the next few days.