Thursday, 8 May 2008

Restaurant area

After our day at Houshan and climbing the mountain, we boarded the bus and returned to the city and were taken to a fascinating place for lunch at a very old Chinese place, where much of the old village and canals were still being used. It was fascinating - the restaurant featured traditional Chinese food - and we were lucky to have some of the Chinese teachers with us to explain what it was we were eating. What a marvellous feast! Afterward we wandered around the grounds - we saw close up a shop where there was a wide variety of fish and other water animals that we believe were to be used in the restaurant. I'm OK with fresh fish, but seeing frogs and turtles still living and making their way around a tank not knowing that their days of life are soon to be over and they would be someone's dinner. The complex is quite near a canal with larger water transport, and apparently a boat that tours the canals. We must do that one day. But it started to rain again, so we were glad to board the bus and return to the college. It had been a wonderful, but exhausting day.

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