Thursday, 8 May 2008

Will I come back to China?

A reader has commented that perhaps I have had to many challenges here to return - but this time of the semester we are considering returning. I must say I have had some days when I think I would be mad to return, but others I ponder my unfinished business.

I still need to see more places - I haven't seen enough, and I have learned that it takes one semester to find your way around the issues that initially take so long to resolve.

Today I am feeling 100% well ( a change from previous weeks), my computer seems to be working OK, and I've been able to ramp up the material for students - I've felt so bad about my lack of resources. I will be able to bring more resources from Australia when I go home. I KNOW what I want to bring now.

As well, we have opened a dialogue with the college - that will make it easier for "foreign teachers" in the future. We have made some changes.

Additionally the college has been granted University status - and I'd like to be here for the first semester as a university.

Yes, I'll come back.

(As well, as I am a senior, my future opportunities are shrinking!)

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deedub said...

Congratulations for making your decision, oh senior Di, with shrinking opportunities. I wish you well in your next life chapter! I can fully understand each of the factors affecting your decision. But my decision is not the same - I will be returning to Australia at the end of this month, and only regret not seeing enough of this quite remarkable country.