Monday, 4 August 2008


Here it is Monday August 4th and I am up very early. My husband is in hospital - hopefully sleeping but perhaps not as he is to be operated on this morning. Two knee replacements. I don't envy him. It sounds very scary.

Today I have so many things to do, but one is to update my blogs. I've been neglectful, but I have my new computer going now - thanks to my favourite son-in-law! Complete with Vista! So far so good. Actually I am impressed with it. Hopefully I will not have any of the challenges that others have had with it. It looks pretty impressive to me.

So, today I must do many things include prepare for a talk I am giving tomorrow. In part about my career but very much about my China adventure. I'll have to select some photos today to show, and finish off writing my speech. And maybe visit MM in hospital at some stage. I think he will not be keen for visitors today though. We will see.

Mondayitis? This is the name of the Chamber of Commerce Monday networking coffee morning. I think I will go this morning.

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