Thursday, 15 October 2009

New job?

I had to complete some practical teaching to finalise my TESOL qualifications, and found a college that offered to help me. There was a suggestion that if they liked me, there could be some hours for me. It was a little vague though - I guess they did not want to commit to anything until they saw me in action!

I have done more than my allotted hours for the practical assessment and have the completed documentation. Yoo Hoo.

Yesterday I was given instructions for working today. Today? I only offered to do 2 days without pay!!!! Then the boss later just said in a casual way - "We'd like you to work Thursday and Friday. We'll get some paperwork done!" So it appears that I am on staff from today. No information on hours, or rates of pay. Strange.

As the Korean expedition looks in doubt, it suits me. But sort of a strange way to be appointed.

Yesterday only one student turned up. A lovely young girl from South Korea. It was quite extra ordinary as while we focussed on the class material I was able to discuss like in Korea with her, in the context of her learning. She was quite delighted that I knew some things, and even had to have a photo taken of the pair of us. And with the "V" victory sign from her.

So I am headed off again today. Being more worn out by the day, but I am sure I will survive today and tomorrow!!! I will be very tired by tomorrow night!!!!

It takes me about an hour to go each way - I travel by train, as it is easier and far cheaper. And I can read, or listen to my MP3 player. I have a short walk from the college to the station, but it is a good pleasant walk. Yesterday on my way to the college I called in at a Chinese Furniture Emporium in the Valley and had a look around. Nothing I'd really want to buy but it was a little like visiting a market in Shaoxing!


Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

You may have a role teaching asian students in OZ,Di!

Di Hill said...

Yes, it looks like it. Wish it paid as much as some of my o/s contracts though.