Saturday, 31 October 2009

Working Hard

Mmmm. I'm not sure about ESL teaching in Australia. I am enjoying the work - but like all jobs there is a down side. One of the things that I find a challenge is that the communication is rather scant, and I'm not as sure of myself in this environment.

We work from a series of ESL books, which I find rather demeaning for adult students, but I am required to use them. I am now co teaching - so I have the students for 3 days and another teacher has them for 2 days. She is a career primary teacher and has not taught overseas, and she likes the books.

One of the things that she did not know is that the Korean and Chinese students have already had a gutful of English grammar (which is a feature of the books). She was not aware that three of the students have been learning English (the Korean or Chinese way) for many years - in fact many of them have been learning for 10 years, and it is their spoken language skills that need help more.

In any case I have learned that I have some leeway in taking the class so will spend more time on activities for speaking next week.

Oh, and there's Melbourne Cup on Tuesday. Again some serious mis communication. I am aware that there is to be some activity re The Cup - if nothing else students and staff will be able to watch the race on one of the big screens and I heard there was to be some activity in relation to the cup. Heard? Yes, I was told that a staff member was putting up posters about it.

As of Thursday there were none. So I am in the dark about it - and so not sure that there will be anything planned.

Other new teachers have also spoken of the confusion/lack of communication.

We will see how life goes. At least I have had a whisper of two weeks holiday at Christmas time. Sounds good to me!!! But no work = no pay. Darn.

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