Saturday, 17 October 2009

Sushi for lunch

I had been invited to spend some time with friends today and meet with a Korean student who is studying English at a college in Brisbane.

I was looking forward to it, especially as Sushi was on the menu and it was to be made by the student. I had taken some of my Korean photos too. Perhaps a little cultural exchange. I am familiar with Sushi - have made it here at home, but Sushi was not familiar to my Aussie friends.

It is quite a popular food for lunch and another friend and I often comment about the long queue at a Sushi shop that we pass on our way home from Society of Women Writers meeting each month. Clearly this sushi is popular for Asian people and Aussies!! It is easy to make, but quite inexpensive to buy ready made - generally a healthy meal.

My friends had turned their kitchen over to L from Korea, but it is not always to cook using someone else's kitchen, and L had some challenges. He even burnt the rice a little - but lifted the good rice off the top - and didn't spoil the taste.

There are many photos of different Sushi here too.

The noises and smells from the kitchen added to the intrigue - and soon a platter of Sushi arrived on the table - along with a plate of lettuce, tomato and olives.

I'm not sure that the sushi proved popular - though it was tasty and the sushi rolled in egg pancake was very keenly sought after! The plate was soom empty!

Dessert created by our hostess was great too - a great finale to a wonderful meal.

L spoke of his home, his work in Korea, and some of his experiences as an English language student in Brisbane. Perhaps life would be easier for some students if there was some quality information about living in Australia - even though many Koreans learn English at school in Korea, they do little conversation work, so find it quite a challenge when they hear us speak in Australia. As well, they learn American English, so our Aussie accent, and our Aussie English is quite hard.

I'm sure we could make these students more welcome too!

I thank my Aussie host and hostess, and my Korean cook for lunch today!!!! Many thanks.

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