Tuesday, 13 July 2010

I've been back for a week now

I'm still trying to resettle. I am mostly over the fatigue - and am now trying to make some plans for my immediate future.

Yesterday I looked after two grand children on the Gold Coast, today I have a writers meeting, and I have a couple of other commitments during this week. Though by the weekend I should have some other plans clearer. I have to apply to do my Masters this week too.

It is an odd feeling getting back into home life again. Even in four months some things have changed.

I will go back over some of my adventures and post stories and photographs here. I have had several emails from students in China and one who went to America for work. One student in China is distressed - I'd had a long talk with him before the end of term. He was finding English classes a challenge, even though he was doing very well. He felt the pressure of study and wanted to opt out. I had hoped he'd stay - he was a good student, but he's decided to give up his education. He's worried about his head teacher - who is a friend of mine. He know she will be disappointed in him.

He is currently working in a factory - working long hours on very boring mechanical activities. He doesn't like it - but he doesn't know what to do. I can't help him much.

The boy in the US has not enjoyed his stay there - almost four weeks. He pushed the fire alarm out of curiosity and the fire bells went off, and everyone had to evacuate and the police and fire brigades came. He was terrified and hid under his bed.

Yesterday I received an email. Three black men had stolen his laptop - he called the police, but he says they are doing nothing about it. He's very upset. He's a good kid, but way out of his depth. Maybe he will grow up quickly.

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Invite him to Queensland for a holiday, Di.