Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Women Writers

I was pleased to be able to attend the meeting - having been out of the country for the last four months I've missed the regular monthly meeting. Only a small number turned up - apparently many folk have the flu at the moment, so not as many were able to attend. I'm glad I was one.

A few members read their works, and we talked about a number of issues, and then a senior member talked about book reviews. Something that really does not interest me, but I may have a closer look at reviewing - it should be helpful in my own writing.

Then the president asked me to talk about my China adventures. Which I did. I spoke about some of the challenges of living in the Middle Kingdom, about the one child policy of China, and the realities as I have learned from my own experiences and Xinran's books. I've read one book, half way through another and I've been advised that there is another one waiting for me at the library.

I could speak for hours about my experiences - but in just over 10 minutes I raised some issues and some interest in what I was doing. Had a few chats with members later. One had taught for a year near Shanghai so we swapped stories.

Also today I had an email from a lady in the US - she had seen my blog and wanted to know about teaching in China. I have put her in touch with Joanna at Yuexiu - so just maybe she will end up there. Who knows?

We had lunch in town - some great restaurants near the Casino in the heart of Brisbane. Must go again and have a wander around. It is ages since I've had a look around the city.


Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

Bet you are pleased to get back home, Di?


Di Hill said...

Yes, and no Peter. I am enjoying some aspects of live back "Down Under"