Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Seeking more teachers

One of the things I would like to do now I am back in Australia is help find good teachers for China. Good? What do I mean?

I'd love to see a program in Australia where quality teachers were registered, so that foreign schools (China, Japan, South Korea, etc) can check that the people who apply for work in those countries do in fact have the right qualifications. Especially that they are not fake. Fake?

It is not surprising to learn that on the Internet you can buy a degree for a relatively small sum, and no, there is no need to study. I know, because I know of one Australian who is working in China on one of these false documents.

The degree is supposedly from the same university that I worked hard to get my degree, and the paperwork looks very much like my certificate. I know it is false. I know it is a common thing in China, as no one actually checks that the documents are legitimate.

Not only that, it is common for males to go to China or other parts of Asia, with more on their minds than teaching. Sadly many of the young girls are enamoured of the foreign male teacher and to some degree they are putty in their hands. True, there are guys that are in search of a life partner, and who wil treat the girsl with dignity and respect, but there are some who are not interested in life long partners and they break hearts as the move from one girl to another.

In Australia, teachers having a relationship with a student (other than a teacher student professional relationship) is unacceptable, and often the male or female teacher involved in an unprofessional relationship with a student in China gets away with it without any repercussions.

Sadly in many schools, universities or other education facilities in China are managed by males, who seem to turn a blind eye to this behaviour - perhaps in part because they too are indulging in some unprofessional activities with students.

So, who do I think are good teachers? It is impossible to tell really. Though a mature aged female teacher may not be indulging in sexual or other exploits with their students, it doesn't mean that are good teachers.

I am not looking for mature aged women to teach, though I do encourage them to explore teaching in the Middle Kingdom. Young people are fine, but I tend to be a little suspicious of some young men.

Married couples are welcome - and they generally work well in foreign countries. I have worked with quite a few married couples. They work different hours, but have free time together, and most socialise with others as well as with their own partners.

It is hard to find god teachers - I will continue my search, as I do think the opportunity to teach and live in places like China is very helpful for us all.

Anyone one interested??? Let me know and I will help you find a good place to go.


Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

Look to NZ Di, because John key will do anything to keep in China's good books - he's actually becoming pathetic in his desire to get investment. He is calling for kiwis to learn Mandarin; dont think too many will.

Good to see this blog back in action.


Di Hill said...

I'm happy I can access it and add to it. Very frustrating behind the Great Firewall of China.