Sunday, 8 February 2009

Adjusting to life at home.

It is just three weeks since I returned to Australia from China, and I've had a very hectic time, although have done little for ME. Housework was a high priority and gardening.

I confess to having some challenges adjusting. One thing that I find quite confronting is seeing all the FAT PEOPLE. It is something that we see little of in China. The majority of people there are small and there is little of the obesity problems that are common in Australia.

When I go to the shopping centre, I feel quite angry that people have allowed themselves to get so obese. I know I have been overweight, but never to the extent that I see some men and women. So many older women are walking with the aid of sticks - again something that I did not see much of in China.

On the personal front, I know that I will have to continue to work to maintain my newer body shape after all the walking in China, and so far so good.

And other things change. Roads and buildings are not the same - so it will be a while before I am familiar with my own territory again.

I have been driving the new car - again something to get used to. I had to put petrol in the car on Friday but could not find how to get access to the petrol tank. I spent ages looking for a button to press, like our old car, and as I was on my own I had to scratch my head a little and try a few things. I could have opened the instruction book which is in the "glovebox" but I managed to work it out alone.

The remotes - we have four to manage for the TV, DVD player etc. I have had a few hiccups, but have mastered it now.

I am also going through things in the house - especially my wardrobe and putting aside all the clothes that I no longer want. Some clothes are being discarded as they are 3 sizes too big for me. Will I throw them out or hang on to them in case I do put on weight again?

I think I will be positive and discard them.

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Kiwi Riverman - The Writer said...

Hang on to the larger clothes!

Obesity is a problem here in NZ too, with our large Maori and polynesian popoulations. Hope things settle for you. Hope your husband is recovering well.