Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Time flies and I'm not even having fun!

There seems to be so much to do and I have found little time to write, but hopefully in the next few days I will get some of my major tasks behind me.

I'm trying to "downsize" in the house. I think it makes you think when your partner is stricken with a major health issue, and you realize the task of moving if one has to, would be pretty daunting. We've had occasional Spring Cleans over the 16 years we have been in this house, but there is much that we've not used in that time, and won't use. What does one throw out? I am being rather ruthless, and the loungeroom is piled high with books and magazines that I have chosen to give away or sell. Anyone want to buy some books? We will have a garage sale, as soon as MM is able to as he is a better sales person than me. In the meantime I am doing the hard work of making some hard decisions.

I've finished the bookshelf - and almost filled it and there are piles of books waiting for some decisions. MM has not been able to do anything and I won't throw his books aside. He has heaps of John Grisham books, and others that he will never read again, and quite a lot of good books that he is yet to read.

I have had coffee with a couple of friends, but find that there is little time for things. Next week I will have more time I hope.

I've had messages from students in China, and feel so much for them. One failed his CET6 exam - this is an English test that students must pass to get certain employment. His English is good - but I'm not sure how to comment on the tests. I've not seen much detail about it, but from discussions with a Chinese teacher last year, I found it all strangely confusing. It was not an area that we got involved in, though I am sure we should have been. I'm sure the native English speakers might have been some assistance to the students doing these exams.

I'm still keen to return to China and will follow up on some offers I have had - but not this month!

I still have a big "to do" list - but thankfully each day the list gets smaller. I have managed to do a few things - and next week I will do some writing I hope.

Today I went to an Open Day at the National Archives. Luckily it is not far from home, and it is a place that I have visited often in the past. It is amazing the collections of items on every day life in Australia - and especially if one is writing family history or life stories. I'm keen to do more of that!

The Open Day was called "Shake your Family Tree" and there was much information for anyone exploring their family history. There are so many resources there.

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