Thursday, 19 February 2009

Me - a carpenter?

I've been working on cleaning up and cleaning out the house. Downsizing. Re organising. In part it kept me busy while I was stressed about my husband's health.

I've got piles of my "big" clothes ready for sale or for the used clothing collectors next week, and I've got a pile of magazines that are well past their use by date. And then it occurred to me that I needed new furniture. We had been talking about getting two chairs for the back deck, but had done nothing about it, and our coffee table was looking daggy.

So I spent some time wandering around Ikea at Springwood. Then one day I returned and bought two great chairs for the back deck and a coffee table. The chairs came in a flat pack and I had to follow the instructions to put them together. Then the coffee table which I easily put together.

By now I'm quite confident, and went back for more product. This time I bought a four drawer chest of drawers, a computer desk and bookshelves. The flatpacks were so big they didn't fit in the car, so the large box was transported by my daughter in the Volvo stationwagon.

Eventually all boxes were on the loungeroom floor and I set about putting them together. I worked until 11pm but still had the drawers to assemble. The shell was already in the bedroom.

In the end, with my husband's supervision, we worked out the instructions that were confusing me, and finished the drawers, and installed them.

Boy, if I was in Girl Guides I'd have probably earned my Carpenters Badge! I'm surprised how easily I can put the furniture together.

Tomorrow it is the desk, and maybe the bookshelves!

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Kiwi Riverman - The Writer said...

If I were a carpenter?

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