Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Red Lanterns

In China it is common to see red lanterns. Some are the remains of some festival long gone, others you will find in hotels or restaurants or part of some celebration. Like the red carpet. So often there is a red carpet to the entrance of a new shop or business, and there would be many red lanterns too. On December 26th, 08, the red lanterns were being put in place in the towns and cities in preparation for the Chinese New Year. In the photo above, these lanterns by the hundreds were being erected in Hangzhou. In Shaoxing the lanterns were strung every 6 feet along the intire length of Jiefung Lu, the "main" street through the middle of the city. Buildings (especially banks) were decorated with red and gold, to herald in a prosperous new year.

The lone red lantern hangs in our back deck. I bought several of these here in Brisbane during the festivities and the grandchildren have one also hanging in their room.


charles-davis said...

Your posts are such a comfort. Coincidentally, "Ave Maria" is playing on the radio. I seem to find your posts and pictures at just the right time. I love red, always have. So your lantern excursion was special. I can just see your article in an elegant magazine. Martha Stewart should be paying better attention to the internet bloggers.

Di Hill said...

I thank you for your kind cmments charles-davis.

Kiwi Riverman - The Writer said...

You continue to provide us with new and interesting info, Di.