Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The miracle of the grommet

Yesterday, before dawn I was up and dressed and ready for my very early appointment at the ENT specialist to get a grommet put in my right ear. I went by early train, as I had to have some analgesic (pain killing) stuff put in my ear, and then I had to wait for an hour for it to work, (good time for breakfast and coffee), before the grommet was put in my ear.

As usual the analgesic did not work as well as it should, so I did experience a sall amount of pain, but within 10 minutes the little piece was installed into my ear drum.

Immediately I could hear without the "head in the bucket of water feeling" and here I am, nearly 24 hours later and still feeling good.

It was amazing!!!!!! After nearly five months of total discomfort I feel 100% again!

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