Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Oh my ears

At long last I think I am about to be cured of the ear troubles that I have endured since early in April. I had a middle ear infection in Korea and had a strange expereince at two visits to the Korean ENT hospital. There was some improvement - but when I arrived home in Australia in June, I was at my doctor on the second day home.

I had asked for a referral to an ENT specialist, and as she couldn't "see" anything wrong, delayded it. She put me on antibiotics, which made no difference, and then sent me for a hearing test - and the audiologist advised an ENT specialist, and still my doctor hesitated in giving me the referral. Still I persisted and did see the ENT specialist - but by then I was in "remission" and it appeared as if my condition was eventually improving on its own.

But, after going to Adelaide in July - and struggling with the extreme cold there, again I had problems, so I was back at the ENT specialist.

Clearly I have a problem which he was able to identify yesterday - so I am now on some tablets. It seems it was a virus - (which is what I had suspected) and maybe after the treatment my head will not feel like it is full of laundry suds, and my hearing might improve.

As it is I have endured this condition on and off for four months! Let's hope it will soon be over.

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