Friday, 21 August 2009

University teacher's Uniform

Towards the end of my first semester at Yuexiu University, it was announced that all continuing teachers were to be measured for a uniform. There was a post it note on my door advising me of my appointment time for measuring and I duly went. It was quite a funny occasion as I questioned the Chinese staff about it. When would I have to wear this uniform? All official occasions was the response. Mmm. Still not clear. In any case I submitted to the measuring which was quite detailed.

After two months away from the university for summer holidays we returned for the next semester, and a few days later were called to pick up our uniforms. They were all in the same fabric - a light pin striped fabric made into a three piece outfit - a smart jacket or blazer, trousers, and a skirt - a mini skirt.

I tried them on one day in my apartment, and then hung them in the wardrobe awaiting instructions on when to wear the uniform. It never came. In the whole semester the three piece outfit sat in the wardrobe, and when I packed to return home to Australia, I packed it into my suitcase. I knew that no Chinese would ever wear it - as they are all much smaller than me.

And again it has hung in my wardrobe here. When I go back to Yuexiu I will take it - but I've not had any occasion to wear it - that is, until Wednesday.

I had a Chamber of Commerce breakfast function to attend - so I work the slacks/trousers and jacket, complete with my new brooch with a sparkling kangaroo on the lapel.

Very comfortable, and very suitable for the occasion

Last night I attended the farewell cocktail party of the Greater Brisbane Area Consultative Council - a government funded body that helped organisations with government funding - which has been disbanded by the Labor Government (who originally set them up years ago). This time I wore the jacket and the mini skirt. I procrastinated about the skirt for it was far shorter than anything I normally wear, but it was comfortable and looked OK, even if I was a little sensitive about the high hemline.

So, after nearly 12 months since it came to live with me - I have worn all three pieces of the suit.

And I'm likely to dust it off and wear it more often - even the skirt!

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Just a matter of waiting for the right opportunity - and it came, eventually!