Sunday, 16 August 2009


I have never counted the number of photos that I have taken in China and South Korea, and from time to time do look at them, and update them. So many I had downloaded to my computer but not typed in the information, so the sooner I do that the better.

Mostly I remember where they were taken and details, but I resolve to do a better job of it next time I travel. I am hoping that before I head off anywhere again, I will have removed all photos from this computer, and start with a "clean slate".

I have invested in Creative Memories software, but the reality is I had the tools to do a lot before, but just lacked someone to push me to do it I think.

It's funny too - I received an email from an ESL site that I visit from time to time, and there was mention of a photo competition, and it asked readers to visit the site and vote on the photos. I was surprised to see one of my photos there - clearly I had entered a month or so ago and forgotten.

It is a photo that was probably posted here, of dawn over Moreton Bay.

Anyway if any reader wants to see it and vote for my photo - or someone else's, please go to

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Kiwi Riverman - The Writer said...

Keep up your good work, Di. There a plenty of photo sites online. Blogger has one as well. I guess you get so tied up working online, like me, but seem to get overloaded.