Thursday, 20 August 2009

The Mystery Ear Problem

It is nearly five months since my ear troubles start and I have been getting increasingly frustrated and concerned about the problem. Treatment in Korea and Australia has not resolved it, and I often try to explain the feeling of my head - as if my head is constantly in a bucket of water.

It appears it may have happened because I travelled by plane with a cold, and somehow the fluid in the Eustachian tube of my ear has caused a blockage. I have otitis media (middle ear infection which appears to be resistant to all treatment including antibiotics) and mastoiditis.

So next week I will have grommets inserted into the ear drum. These are not "drains" but "ventilation" as it is necessary for air to circulate in that part of the ear, and I gather the grommet will help "clear" the blockage.

Now grommets are something that generally children have as many of them are prone to middle ear infections - something that I do not recall ever having until early this year.

So, a new experience next Tuesday as I venture into new territory. One of the issues with grommets is that one must not get the ears wet - so no swimming, and care when having a shower and especially when washing hair. I will have to use special ear plugs to prevent water seeping into my ears.

But, I have been given the green light to travel again - so looks like I will be able to go to South Korea in September or October.

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