Saturday, 16 January 2010


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I have thousands of photos in my collection and will be off travelling again and adding more - and sometimes I get overwhelmed by them all and wonder how I can organise them. I'm not doing too badly though when I run out of time and get a bit lazy with them, I can let things get out of hand.

I've just found Picasa3 - have used Picasa from time to time, but the new program allows some more sophisticated editing, including adding some text to the photo.

I think this will be very important for those photos from China (and other places I travel) when even weeks afterwards I am not always clear on where the photo was taken. Clearly there are clues with the date and time appearing in the data collected with each photo, but I think adding some text - perhaps at the bottom, in an inconspicuous way, it will help me - especially in a few years time when I can look back and see the details.

It is a free download - go to

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