Friday, 15 January 2010

Oooh, my back!

Perhaps I have been overdoing it. I would have though not, but something did it. Why was it that just gently pulling on the sheet to straighten it while making my bed, my back "went" on me. A great pain got me in the lower back on the right side, and the pain was like a knife attack.

I did as much as I could yesterday, took some Panadol, and hoped it would go away, but this morning saw me at the chiropractor and a rather painful procedure. Oh, well, it has made me slow down. It hurts to sit for long, to stand for long, and sometimes just moving does it.

But onward and upward. I'm working on the new website, I've got the documents from China so will apply for my Z Visa next week (I love the documents that state I am a "foreign expert"), and with just over four weeks to go, I better get some things done here.

I'm still house sitting and enjoying that - but will have to slow down a little.

I note that it was 2003 that I was last at the chiropractor so the back problem that plagued me for years a long time ago, has not been a problem.

I've written an article about 5W - Women Welcome Women World Wide - a network of women who enjoy meeting people and travelling - and won't repeat it here, but if you want to read it, Click here.

At least it is the weekend tomorrow.

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