Saturday, 16 January 2010

A book?

OK, I'm always talking about "writing a book" but even the one's I've finished don't make it to the bookshelves. I do have several completed manuscripts, and I will edit/update them while I am away.

But I'm pondering writing a book "Four Months in China" documenting my last trip to China. I'm sure I'll have much to write about, and many photographs with the new Canon camera, so what if I create an e-book this time.

Yes, I'll do it.

I head off in a few weeks now - though I still sit with my documentation - I've not paid my plane ticket yet, and I have not yet applied for my Z Visa, but all the documentation is sitting here. I expect to take the visa application documents to the Chinese Embassy next week. I've got to get some more photos taken - the little ones that go on passports. "Passport size" they say. I need some new ones as I know I will use several on my travels. I might try and take them myself rather than pay someone. Then I can probably get the photo I want.

In the next few weeks I'll start collecting the things I want to take. Start filling the suitcase. I do make a list - but I also add things to the bag. I'm still trying to decide about taking a small lightweight computer - they are pretty inexpensive now. I hate taking a heavy machine.

I am considering a Kindle - not sure that I will have much time to read as I want to concentrate on writing.

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Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

Start your book Elly, even an ebook to get you putting down your experiences.