Sunday, 31 January 2010

In TESOL class

I did take three things to the class - but only used one. I spoke for about 10 minutes and showed the book about Yuexiu, but there really wasn't time to show the other two things that I took. One was my photo album - as much to show anyone who asked a question.

The group is very enthusiastic in their course through International TESOL College, and it was fun to be with them for the few minutes.

I've heard from one of the students that I did my TESOL with and she is in China - not far from Shanghai. I knew her mother too - so may try and catch up with her then.

I've also found a job in Shanghai that I would love and will investigate it further. Teaching Medical English. I understand from the website that they take on teachers for short programs so that would be good for me.

I'm looking forward to going to Hong Kong too.

I've started "throwing" things into a bag to take. Just odds and ends that I think I won't use between now and when I go. Or things that I'm afraid to forget to take.

I'll get out my list later - always have a list in the computer of the things I need to take, and I also have a shopping list for when I get there.

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Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

Things are looking up for the tall blonde Aussie woman in China.