Saturday, 9 January 2010

Life continues to be busy.

I've been asked to work longer hours at the ESL college, and I have declined. I don't know when I'd fit it in and anyway it was a class that I'm not keen on doing yet. As well, I have the TESOL college work coming up and I've set up the biography writing service.

I did this quite a few years ago - and then let it slide with all my travelling and working on one m/s but I've worked out a business model that I think will be eminently workable. I'm giving it a try.

I wanted to create a consultancy that did not require my 24/7 input and I've created a model that employs some writers (and I have some quality talent!!), and that I can manage from China. Let's see if it works.....

I conducted a workshop yesterday with three writers and we discussed biographies and obituaries at great length and these wonderful people are keen to work with me on the project. As well, I have one client so we can get to work on it immediately.

Naturally there is a lot of work to do - I'm writing business plans, creating the website, and trying to get it really up and running before I go away.

I have had my son create the "bones" of the artwork for my business card. He is a singer but talented at a number of things and he will work on the website for me. I have worked with another graphic artists to come up with my ideal logo etc so I'm thrilled about that.

I planned that 2010 should be good and it is starting out very well indeed.

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