Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Chinese Children

Little boy at the West Lake, Hangzhou

You can see and feel the love of children here. Grandparents are often the carers of little ones while their mothers work, and on weekends the father gets involved with child care too.

The babies are quite cute - and so well dressed and cared for. I like the little girls that have fancy hairstyles and clothes, and many will come up to us to say hello, as many children are learning English at school now. Even our own college has a kindergarten where the children learn English songs and words.

This little follow (above) was dressed in traditional Chinese clothing for a photo session at the West Lake at Hongzhou.

The little fellow below was on the train to Ningbo with his mother who spoke good English and little John had a short conversation with us too. He was such a lovely confident little boy. His mother helped us with our ticket etc in the Shaoxing railway station as we were looking to get on to the train to Ningbo a few weeks ago.

We have found that there are many English speakers around, and generally when we are in need one will appear. Certainly John's mother Lisa was helpful when we needed help! Thank you Lisa.

Mothers and babies at Ningbo

This little family asked that we pose for photos with them - which we did - but we wanted a photo of them too!

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Jeanne Gibson said...

Sounds like you are having an excellent adventure. I've been wondering if the one child per family rule is still in force in China. Jeanne