Friday, 11 April 2008

Post from Australia

Not long after I arrived, I realised I need a few things from Oz, and phoned home, as one does. I was keen to get some more Panadol - I'd used up my meagre initial supply when I had the flu, and I needed Vicks' VapoDrops - just in case I had need again.

Chux towels - I've not found anything here that works as well, and some new jeans. I had almost worn one pair out in the first few weeks - and I'd lost weight and they'd stretched anyway. And a camera for the laptop as this one doesn't have one, and the folks at home wanted to see what I looked like. (I haven't changed!) But the children like to see DeeDee when they speak with me. (The grandchildren, that is!)

Over three weeks ago the parcel was posted - Air Mail to China. No doubt it arrived within 24 hours of leaving Brisbane - but it was to take much longer to reach me. And today it did.

I'm still trying to set up the camera , but all else is good. I've tried the new jeans - the fit and look good, and I'll put aside the medical things hoping that I will never need them.

The chux will come in VERY handy to wipe away the persistant dust, and one day I'll get the camera working.

But three weeks - air mail from Oz? Oh, well, this is China.

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Anonymous said...

I think you'll find the problem could be in Australia. I mailed 4 cards from Sydney airport recently. The two to Brisbane took 7 days, and the ones to UK & Japan took 3 days. Go figure!