Thursday, 3 April 2008

Cleaning in China

I've tried NOT to be critical of anything I see in China - but this issue has been important to me. I don't like working in a "dirty" classroom, but that is the reality for me. There are no paid cleaners of classrooms like we have in Oz, and worse, students eat and drink during class. Even if I stop them - other teachers allow it apparently. So there is allways food debris, papers, packaging etc left in the class room.

During the mid day break some students come in to the class room and take away the obvious rubbish, but the room is never properly cleaned. The chalk dust build up is annoying - piles high on the chalk ledge of the blackboard and spilled over to the floor. This remains day after day, even if I am polite and ask for it to be cleaned.

It seems to be the same with much cleaning - it is as if dust/dirt is moved around rather than removed. If I had a vacuum cleaner I'd do it myself. Now that's a thought.

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