Monday, 7 April 2008

Exercising in the Fog

Every weekday - Monday to Friday, the freshmen (first year students) are expected to exercise in the morning. From our apartment we hear, from around 6.15 am, the music and the voice of the exercise marshall, as they go through their paces.

Some days, I can see them from my window. There are some 30 students, in their white tracksuits on the stage, and someone on the microphone "one, two, three" I suspect, as it is in Chinese of course.

This morning there is the most amazing fog - we cannot see the building right beside us, so I can only guess how much vision there is on the "parade ground". The fog keeps the sound low - so this morning the music and the commands were clear - but of course we could see nothing.

Today is going to be warm.

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Bra Lady said...

Hi Di, have just read your blogg, great to read your adventures. Trust you are much better. Maybe you could get the classroom cleaned by incorporating an english lesson, i.e. mop and get a student to demonstrate!!! Have been speaking to Janet this morning and we have rescheduled her bra appointment for after the holidays. Love Linda