Monday, 14 April 2008

Money matters

Some things are inexpensive here in China and other things seem to be more expensive - and it is hard to understand some money matters.

For example, I had my hair shampood, and cut for just 10 RMB, (less than $A2), and when I went to the bike repair man, he charged me 3 RMB for working on the bike for about 20 minutes. In a hotel in Ningbo we paid 38 RMB for a cup of coffee in their coffee lounge, but an all you can eat buffet at the same hotel was just 78 RMB.

My cleaning lady works for just 15 RMB an hour.

Some items I have been told are less expensive in Australia - in fact some things like cameras and computer items are best ordered from Australia and shipped back here, even though they were made in China in the first place.

On Friday we went to a small restaurant for a good meal which included dumplings and vegetables in a soup - which was well presented and very filling. It cost us 5 RMB (less than a dollar!) and so on.

On the whole though, things are less expensive here. Which is good for us.

There is a suggestion that wages will rise - so I guess we will soon all be paying more for our items manufactured here in China.


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