Friday, 11 April 2008

Soft beds or hard beds

We Aussies are used to soft mattresses - probably why many of us have "bad backs" - but that is the way it is. When one first tries a bed in China - well, it is like sleeping on a rock. It seems the harder the bed the better - in fact soft mattresses are less expensive, and if you go to someone's house to stay, they will apologise if the bed is not hard enough.

It is good for "making" the bed - the bottom sheet never seems to move, so there's little smoothing out of wrinkles in the bed. If you catch a train - for example from Shanghai to Beijing, you have a choice of beds - soft beds or hard beds. And guess what! The soft beds are the less expensive ones!

Way to go!!!


deedub said...

so what way did you go? The cheaper way, I bet!

Di Hill said...

I haven't gone yet - but you can be sure I'll be a "cheapskate!"

lei said...

are you certain that the soft beds are cheaper? I remember taking the train in china, that the soft beds refer to the 4 bunks in single rooms, and the hard beds refer to the 6 bunks in a section but not a room. The soft beds were definitely more expensive.

Kiwi Riverman said...

Didn't the old Chinese use wooden pillows?