Saturday, 6 September 2008

Anzac Biscuits

Audrey, who was in this apartment last semester, left me some items that I could use. I think I had to promise to bake cookies or something, and as all the ingredients are here, and there is a good little oven (unlike my apartment last semester which was bereft of many useful items!) I am happy to oblige.

So today I cooked my first biscuits in China. I have a student visiting, so thought it appropriate that I bake Anzac Biscuits. I found a recipe on-line. (Wish I had my Margaret Fulton cook book here!)

I did not have treacle or golden syrup, so substituted Maple syrup. No choice. The consistency did not look right, but I cooked a small sample. I was right. Adding more oats and flour did the trick, and the next batch were 100%.

So I have a small supply of Anzac Biscuits - will share them around with the other teachers, or perhaps have afternoon tea.

Now what can I cook next???

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