Saturday, 27 September 2008

Ladies toilets

Strange the world over that architects who design buildings put in the same number of toilet cubicles for the men as for the women in buildings. Regardless of the use of the building.

How many of the fairer sex have had to queue to "go" at the theatre, events and so on. The men folk do not take the same amount of time as the ladies do, and they seldom have to face a queue.

The other day in the college, I pondered just this dilemma again. Here is a college with some nearly 8 thousand students and on each floor there is a toilet block. At any break time there is a long line snaking from the Female WC, and the boys block has no queue.

It is so annoying. I was surprised to see theis scenario played out here in China. I hadn't thought about it before.

Oh, I just wish the planners could be more thoughtful.

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peter said...

Now that is a good comment, Di. Why is this so?